A Level Chemistry



School Year

Year 10 or Year 11

Course Length

September 2023 - July 2024

Course overview

High quality tutoring is provided by expert tutors in GCSE Chemistry to support students preparing for exams and allowing them to be completely prepared for them. Throughout the entire academic year students are consistently encouraged to do their best and direct instructions are always provided for each task.

September to December – Paper 1 content is taught and solidified by tutors to ensure that students have complete understanding. This includes topics such as: atomic structure and the periodic table, Bonding and properties of Matter. The content is regularly revisited with the aid of exam board specific questions and learning materials to ensure that there is no gap in student understanding.

January to April – teaching is directed towards Paper 2 content. This will look at topics such as: Organic chemistry, rate of reaction and chemical analysis. During the teaching of Paper 2, Paper 1 content is also revisited to allow to student to be able to make contextual links for greater understanding.

Throughout the teaching of both Paper 1 and Paper 2 content practical elements are taught with the aid of a highly equipped onsite Lab to allow students to develop their practical skills.

April to June – the focus of the lesson is directed towards attempting exam papers and developing exam techniques. Students are given personal targets to allow maximum progress and tips to break down exam boundaries.

Course highlights

  • All children are given a FREE initial assessment to determine what year level they’re currently working at and to identify any learning gaps.
  • A face-to-face weekly interactive lesson at our centre
  • Monitoring and additional support
  • 12 Weeks’ student progress reports
  • Mock examination plus follow-up
  • Parents’ meeting to discuss student progress

Additional information