GCSE Mathematics



School Year

Year 10 or Year 11

Course Length

September 2023 - July 2024

Course overview

Expert tutoring and a high success rate in GCSE and A-Level Mathematics help students feel more confident and capable in their studies.

During first term, we focus on learning new content and constantly reviewing gaps in students’ learning following initial assessment.

January to April – we will turn our attention to attempting exam papers and set targets on retaining previous work. Direct instruction and generous encouragement to help students in showing working out instead of final asnwers.

Written work assessed weekly using exam board mark schemes and assessment objectives. Precise advice given on how to improve as well how to break down the exam boundaries.

Course highlights

  • All children are given a FREE initial assessment to determine what year level they’re currently working at and to identify any learning gaps.
  • A face-to-face weekly interactive lesson at our centre
  • Monitoring and additional support
  • 12 Weeks’ student progress reports
  • Mock examination plus follow-up
  • Parents’ meeting to discuss student progress

Additional information